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Defend aid spending - contact your MP

Categories: Articles:Development | Published: 08/06/2016 | Views: 1409
Progressio email action
We all know that UK Aid achieves incredible and inspiring things, and Progressio has witnessed this first-hand. They have been working on projects for years that, through UK Aid, have changed lives and enabled people all over the world claim their rights and overcome the structural barriers that trap them in poverty.

But, in recent weeks, UK Aid has received negative press coverage in the national media. On the back of unfounded allegations, the Mail on Sunday has initiated a debate in Parliament on 13th June, asking for the 0.7% legislation to be repealed. Progressio want to ensure that as many MPs as possible attend the debate and speak up for the benefits of UK Aid.   Will you ask your MP to attend the debate?  Take action here

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