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For the love of… Let’s do something about climate change

Categories: Articles:Environment | Published: 29/08/2014 | Views: 1935
Stop Climate Chaos Scotland's new campaign
Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, in collaboration with its sister organisations, the Climate Coalition and Stop Climate Chaos Wales, are focusing on things that people care about that will be affected by climate change. And yes, you’re right, climate change could affect pretty much everything, and that’s what they want to highlight

SCCS are a diverse coalition and we all want to act on climate change for slightly different reasons. This campaign helps to highlight the diversity of reasons for taking climate change action seriously. You can show what’s important to you – add your support on the fantastic new website For the love of Hundreds of people across the UK have already told us what they love that will be affected by climate change. Over the next 18 months, we will be gathering these stories to show the swell of public support for more action on climate change. SCCS, Coalition members, the Salvation Army have produced this video for youtube

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