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Season of Creation 2017

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As Pope Francis said, “Creation is of the order of love.”  We invite you to protect it.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement have produced new resources for use during the Season of Creation 1st September 2017 - 4th October 2017.

Like you, we are praying for the families in Texas who are affected by Hurricane Harvey.  In the coming days and weeks, tending to their immediate well-being is paramount.
As time goes on, we may find ourselves asking: did climate change contribute to this catastrophe? The answer, unfortunately, is probably yes. Climate change means both hotter water and wetter air. Both of these intensify storms like Harvey.
When disasters like Hurricane Harvey confront us, our best response is love. As the Season of Creation begins this Friday, each of us has the opportunity to love in prayer and action.  We can dedicate ourselves to protecting not just the victims of this hurricane, but those of all the hurricanes to come.
Take a few minutes right now to plan your action for Season of Creation. Here are some ideas:

If you have 5 minutes: contact your pastor. Ask whether he can give a sermon on Laudato Si’ using these homily helps from the Catholic Climate Covenant, or if a prayer for creation can be incorporated into the Prayers of the Faithful.
If you have 10 minutes: contact a friend to plan a Laudato Si’ Pledge Drive after mass any time during the Season of Creation, September 1 through October 4.
If you have an hour: look at our prayer service toolkit.  Then see how you might organize an event, even if it’s with a few friends or family members, to lift up the “cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.”
Your sisters and brothers are taking action. In the UK, Our Lady Immaculate and St. Andrew will take a nature walk.  In Virginia, St. John Neumann will hold a blessing of the animals. In Buenos Aires, students at the Daughters of Jesus School will pray together for creation. In Crete, the Orthodox Academy is holding a  kids’ art contest.
The options are endless. Whatever you decide to do, please do something to mark the Season of Creation. When you have planned your event, please register it on our global map so that your plans can inspire the next person.
To help the victims of Hurricane Harvey directly, please see the Catholic Charities website.  To ensure that storms like Harvey don’t continue to intensify, please consider action during the Season of Creation.
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