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Day of Prayer against the Arms Trade Sunday 13 September

Categories: Articles:Peacemaking | Published: 14/08/2015 | Views: 1587
The Day of Prayer against the arms trade is taking place on Sunday 13 September; just a few days before one of the world's largest arms fairs is due to take place in London. A pack is available, which includes ideas for events and actions, bible readings, hymns and prayers. "For Christians, turning swords into ploughshares is not just a biblical injunction but an inspiration to our modern world to act against war and those who wage it".  Alun Morinan, Christian Network Co-ordinator 2005-2010

This year's Day of Prayer is happening a few days before one of the  world's largest arms fairs  will take place in London. You can download the 2015 Day of Prayer pack  here. Let CAAT know what you're planning by emailing

It is especially important for Christian communities to take part because we are followers of the Prince of Peace who summons us to action.

Put 13 September 2015 in your diary and email to order a Day of Prayer pack to use with your community. Read more here

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