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Bishop Nolan in delegation turned away from disputed Holy Land barrier

Categories: Articles:Peacemaking | Published: 07/01/2016 | Views: 1595

The Holy Land Coordination visit to Palestine saw delegation of bishops join Palestinian Christians fighting against a barrier that divides their land. Bishop William Nolan of Galloway was part of an international delegation turned away from a disputed site in the Holy Land by border police this week. A group of 12 bishops from Europe, South Africa and North America visited the Cremisan Valley on Monday as part of the Holy Land Coordination. (Scottish Catholic Observer)

The valley is the site of a controversial barrier which is being built by Israel and divides Palestinian land. It has been a continual site of protests from Palestinian Christians.    Bishop Nolan told Catholic News Service that he came away with a sense of helplessness with the continuing desolation of the situation there, adding that according to figures they were given, only 20% of the infrastructure destroyed in the 2014 war had been rebuilt. “I would love to see the borders of Gaza open up and for there to be freedom of movement across the border,” he said. “Keeping people fenced in that way is not good or healthy. It does not help either the Israelis or the Palestinians.”  Read more Scottish Catholic Observer
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