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Caritas Cares Report

Categories: Articles:Social Justice | Published: 04/12/2016 | Views: 879
End poverty in Europe - Our solutions to make it happen


The 1st in the new Caritas Cares Report series, this report contributes to the European debate on the role of welfare as a poverty preventing tool. 

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In End Poverty in Europe - Our solutions to make it happen, Caritas Europa exposes the results of a research conducted by national Caritas organisations in 21 European countries. It identifies who are the groups of population that are most at risk of poverty, what rights do they have limited access to and how efficient are national policies to stop poverty.

In the report, Caritas Europa concludes that Europe must stop focusing on austerity measures aimed at reaching economic growth without considering the social impact they are inflicting on the population. To address this situation, Caritas Europa proposes a series of recommendations based on existing tools at national and European level that, if applied fullly, would contribute to lift millions of people out of poverty. 

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