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Petition For Fair for All Trade Deals

Categories: Articles:Social Justice | Published: 09/03/2017 | Views: 1221

Liam Fox, Our new International Trade Secretary has already started informal trade talks with over ten countries including China, Australia and the US. Please take a minute to sign this petition make sure these deals will protect trade with the poorest countries.

For Fairtrade farmers it’s a tense time. These big new trade deals have the power to destroy their livelihood.

It’s time to remind Liam Fox that a ‘great, global trading nation’ must make sure its trade works for everyone.

If he brokers a trade deal that favours a wealthier country, it could collapse the UK market for poorer sugar-producing countries such as Malawi, leaving farmers unable to compete.

But Brexit presents Liam Fox with a big opportunity to deliver even better trade that brings prosperity to the poorest countries around the world as well as the UK. And he can start right now by reassuring poor countries that they won’t have to pay to import their produce into Britain.

Tell Liam Fox he must seize this chance to change trade for good.  Sign the petition here.

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