Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching   

Fifth Sunday of Lent Year C - 13 March 2016

“From all sides there rises a yearning for more justice and a desire for a better guaranteed peace in mutual respect among individuals and peoples.”

Octagesimo Adveniens, p.2.2 
Fourth Sunday of Lent Year C (SCIAF Sunday) - 06 March 2016

“Everyone knows that the fathers of the Church laid down the duty of the rich towards the poor in no uncertain terms.  As St. Ambrose put it: ‘You are not making a gift of what is yours to the poor,…but you are giving him back what is his.’…No one may appropriate surplus goods solely for his own private use when others lack the bare necessities of life.”

Populorum Progressio, p.23 
Third Sunday of Lent Year C - 28 February 2016

“Moreover, the good news of the kingdom which is coming and which has begun is meant for all people of all times.”

Evangelii Nuntiandi, p.13 
Second Sunday of Lent Year C - 21 February 2016

“We especially urge Catholics living in developed nations to offer their skills and earnest assistance to public and private organisations, both civil and religious, working to solve the problems of developing nations.”

Populorum Progressio, p.81 
First Sunday of Lent Year C - 14 February 2016

“Yet there are those who, while professing grand and rather noble sentiments, nevertheless in reality live always as if they cared nothing for the needs of society…..Others think little of the certain norms of social life, for example those designed for the protection of health…”

Gaudium et Spes, p.30 
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 07 February 2016

“The Church invites all Christians to take up a double task of inspiring and of innovating, in order to make structures evolve, so as to adapt them to the real needs of today.”

Octagesimo Adveniens, p.50 
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 31 January 2016

“It is not enough to recall principles, state intentions, point to crying injustices and utter prophetic denunciations; these words will lack real weight unless they are accompanied for each individual by a livelier awareness of personal responsibility and by effective action.”

Octagesimo Adveniens, p.48.1 
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 24 January 2016

“…the church feels called to take her stand beside the poor, to discern the justice of their requests and to help satisfy them, without losing sight of the good of groups in the context of the common good.”

Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, p.39.1 
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 17 January 2016

“Today more than ever the word of God will be unable to be proclaimed and heard unless it is accompanied by the witness of the power of the Holy Spirit, working within the action of Christians in the service of their brothers and sisters, at the points in which their existence and their future are at stake.”

Octagesimo Adveniens, p.51.1