Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching   

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 30 August 2015

‘The Church as received from Christ the mission of preaching the gospel message, which contains a call to all to turn away from sin to the love of the Father, universal brotherhood and a consequent demand for justice in the world. This is the reason why the Church has the right, indeed the duty, to proclaim justice on the social, national and international level, and to denounce instances of injustice, when the fundamental rights of men and women and their very salvation demand it.’

Justice in the World, 36 
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 23 August 2015

‘It is to all Christians that we address a fresh and insistent call to action…’Laypeople should take up as their own proper task the renewal of the temporal order. If the role of the hierarchy is to teach and to interpret authentically the norms of morality to be followed in this matter, it belongs to the laity, without waiting passively for offers and directives, to take the initiative freely and to infuse a Christian spirit into the mentality, customs, laws and structures of the community in which they live’.’

Octagesimo Adveniens, 48.1 
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 16 August 2015

‘Beyond human and natural bonds…there is discerned in the light of faith a new model of the unity of the human race, which must ultimately inspire our solidarity. This supreme model of unity, which is a reflection of the intimate life of God, one God in three Persons, is what we Christians mean by the word communion.’

Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, 40.2 
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 09 August 2015

‘Human society…demands that all be guided by justice, respect the rights of others and do their duty. It demands, too that they be animated by such love as will make them feel the needs of others as their own, and induce them to share their goods with others, and to strive in the world to make all alike heirs to the noblest of intellectual and spiritual values.’

Pacem in Terris, 35 
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 02 August 2015

‘‘Thus the Lord unites us with himself through the eucharist – sacrament and sacrifice – and he unites us with himself and with one another by a bond stronger than any natural union; and thus united, he sends us into the whole world to bear witness through faith and works to God’s love, preparing the coming of his kingdom and anticipating it.’

Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, 48.4 
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 26 July 2015

‘The purpose of this [pontifical] commission is ‘to awaken in the people of God full awareness of their mission today. In this way they can further the progress of poorer nations and international social justice, as well as help less developed nations to contribute to their own development.’ The name of this commission, Justice and Peace, aptly describes its programme and its goal. We are sure that all people of good will will want to join our fellow Catholics and fellow Christians in carrying out this programme.’

Populorum Progressio, 5 
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 19 July 2015

‘The goal of peace, so desired by everyone, will certainly be achieved through the putting into effect of social and international justice, but also through the practice of the virtues which favour togetherness and which teach us to live in unity, so as to build in unity, by giving and receiving a new society and a better world.’

Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, 39.9 
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 12 July 2015

‘[the Church] is trying more and more to encourage large numbers of Christians to devote themselves to the liberation of all. She is providing these Christian ‘liberators’ with the inspiration of faith, the motivation of fraternal love, a social teaching which the true Christian cannot ignore and which he must make the foundation of his wisdom and of his experience in order to translate it concretely into forms of action, participation and commitment. All this must characterise the spirit of a committed Christian.’

Evangelii Nuntiandi, 38