A Catholic Social Teaching message from Pope Paul VI:
"If you want Peace, work for Justice."

The Church's Best Kept Secret

Catholic Social Teaching is sometimes referred to as the Church's 'best kept secret'.

It is rarely preached on and encyclicals do not make the easiest reading.

Former national secretary Maryanne Ure has compiled a collection which fit in with the liturgical readings and would be suitable for copying into parish bulletins to give people a 'taster'.

The documents are referred to by paragraph number.

- Evangelii Nuntiandi
- Gaudium et Spes
- Justice in the World
- Laborem Exercens
- Octogesima Adveniens
- Populorum Progressio
- Rerum Novarum
- Sollicitudo Rei Socialis

Catholic Social Teaching   

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 12 February 2017

In teaching us charity, the gospel instructs us in the preferential respect due to the poor and the special situation they have in society: the more fortunate should renounce some of their rights so as to place their goods more generously at the service of others.

Octagesimo Adveniens 23

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 05 February 2017

Jesus Christ proclaims formally that the poor are blessed ("Happy are the poor in spirit", Mt.5:3); most lovingly he invites all those who labour and mourn to come to him, the source of comfort ("Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened", Mt.11:28); with loving care he clasps closely to himself the lowly and oppressed.

Rerum Novarum 23

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A. - 29 January 2017

An authentic faith – which is never comfortable or completely personal – always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave this earth somehow better that we found it. 

Evangelii Gaudium, 83

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A - 22 January 2017

The condemnation of evils and injustices is also part of that ministry of evangelisation in the social field which is an aspect of the church’s role.

Sollicitudo Rei Socialis 41.9

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 15 January 2017

It is the person who is motivated by genuine love, more than anyone else, who pits his intelligence against the problems of poverty, trying to uncover the causes and looking for effective ways of combating and overcoming them.

Populorum Progressio 75 
Feast of the Epiphany Year A – (Justice and Peace Sunday) - 08 January 2017

In the face of the present-day situation of the world, marked as it is by the grave sin of injustice, we recognise both our responsibility and our inability to overcome it by our own strength. Such a situation urges us to listen with a humble and open heart to the word of God, as he shows us new paths towards action in the cause of justice in the world.

Justice in the World 29

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Year A - 01 January 2017

The activity of families in social life is rarely and insufficiently recognised by state institutions. Nor should we forget the growing number of persons who are often abandoned by their families and by the community: the old, orphans, the sick and all kinds of people who are rejected.

Justice in the World 26

Christmas Day Year A - 25 December 2016

... Christ proclaims salvation, this great gift of God which is liberation from everything that oppresses [humankind] but which is above all liberation from sin and the evil one.

Evangelii Nuntiandi 9