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Stand by Brazil - CAFOD Action - Please sign the petition

Categories: Articles:Human Rights | Published: 25/06/2014 | Views: 1085
Don’t watch another game until you’ve read this‏.
The World Cup is underway in Brazil right now, but beyond the stadiums there are still 3.5 million people living in poverty. Join in making sure their needs and rights are not ignored. As the eyes of the world focus on São Paulo and the rest of Brazil for the duration of the World Cup tournament, we ask you to ensure that the needs of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens are not forgotten.

For the past year, we have warned that the World Cup not only offers those citizens little in the way of help or progress, but actively threatens their rights. Demand justice, fair housing and decent public services for the poorest people in São Paulo and across Brazil, so that they can enjoy the World Cup along with the rest of the world. Please sign the petition below, asking Brazil's government to:

•Protect people's rights to live in decent and sustainable housing and access good education, health care, transport and sanitation.

•Ensure development and mega-sporting projects in the city, including those that were carried out for the World Cup, don't lead to poor people being forced to leave their homes.

•Guarantee decent, affordable housing for the poorest and most vulnerable citizens, with better access to public services and employment.

•Ensure all people, especially the poorest families and affected local communities in São Paulo, have a say and are part of their own communities' development.  Sign the petition here

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