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Books not Bombs

Categories: Articles:Human Rights | Published: 07/08/2015 | Views: 1304
Please sign the E Petition
There’s now hope of a brighter future for the millions of out-of-school children trapped in conflict and emergency situations around the world. After receiving 8 million signatures, world leaders recently made a firm commitment to establish a fund for education in emergencies with Norway being the first to pledge funds. If these promises are fulfilled, children in these situations will be less vulnerable to being trafficked, exploited or abused.

That’s why we can’t stop there: the hard work starts now. In less than 80 days world leaders will be gathering at the UN where we will deliver the petition and make sure education is made a priority. It is not too late to add your voice and remind world leaders that we are watching: they must act now protect children from modern slavery.

Setting aside funds to provide stable education and safe places for children will go a long way towards protecting them from falling into modern slavery and from abductions that may lead to forced marriage or recruitment as child soldiers.

By signing this petition, you are helping to ensure that children who have been displaced by conflict and crisis will have a chance at a life free from slavery. Have you got a moment to take this important step?

Ask world leaders to deliver on their commitment to prioritize education for children in emergency situations and conflict areas.
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