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Church agencies say Budget fails the poorest

Categories: Articles:Social Justice | Published: 19/03/2015 | Views: 1163
Church agencies have expressed their disappointment at the Budget, which they say will hurt the most vulnerable people in the UK and overseas. Helen O'Brien, Chief Executive of Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) which represents 41 Catholic charities in England and Wales, said: "whilst the increased funds Church agencies for children's mental health services and support for small charities through Gift Aid regulations are welcome, significant further cuts for welfare and public spending in this year's Budget Statement will fail to stop the squeeze on the most vulnerable.

"If you look beyond the headlines, recent tax and welfare changes - changes CSAN has questioned for some time - have hit the poorest households hard. For the CSAN member charities working on the ground, the impact of these changes on the people they support has been very real and very damaging. We hoped this Budget would be focussed on helping the poorest people who have found it increasingly difficult to make ends meet."  Read more here



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