A Catholic Social Teaching message from Pope Paul VI:
"If you want Peace, work for Justice."

The Church's Best Kept Secret



Catholic Social Teaching is sometimes referred to as the Church's 'best kept secret'In order to make it better known, we have chosen quotations would be suitable for copying into parish bulletins to give people a 'taster'.


Catholic Social Teaching   

Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year C, - 26 May 2019

The kingdom of God is not far from us, but is near and often hidden in the holiness of daily life.

Pope Francis, Homily at Casa Santa Marta, 13 November 2014

Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year C, - 19 May 2019

Let us ask the Lord for the grace that a new wave of love for our neighbour may sweep over this poor world. 

Venerable Pope John Paul I

Fourth Sunday of Easter, Year C, - 12 May 2019

In Jesus, God completely committed himself in order to restore hope to the poor, to those who were deprived of dignity, to strangers, to the sick, to captives, and to sinners, whom he welcomed with kindness. In all this, Jesus was the living expression of the Father’s mercy.”

Pope Francis, Jubilee Audience, 20 February 2016 

Third Sunday of Easter, Year C, - 05 May 2019


Sometime in your life, hope that you might see one starved man, the look on his face when the bread finally arrives. Hope that you might have baked it or bought or even kneaded it yourself. For that look on his face, for your meeting his eyes across a piece of bread, you might be willing to lose a lot, or suffer a lot, or die a little, even.

Fr. Daniel Berrigan S.J

Daniel Berrigan was an American Jesuit priest, peace activist and poet. He joined the Society of Jesus after high school and became a prolific writer, academic, and activist on the side of the poor. He became involved with opposition to the Vietnam War, and was instrumental in organising Christian resistance to it. As a member of the Catonsville Nine he burned draft papers, and went on the run, becoming the first priest to appear on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Three years in prison did nothing to stop him, and he became an icon of nonviolence and the peace movement, founding the Plowshares Movement, opposing war, capital punishment, and ministering to people living with HIV in New York. He died on 30 April 2016.

Second Sunday of Easter, Year C, - 28 April 2019
(Nearest Sunday to the Feast of St Joseph the Worker / International Workers Day (1st May))

Consequently, if the organization and structure of economic life be such that the human dignity of workers is compromised, or their sense of responsibility is weakened, or their freedom of action is removed, then we judge such an economic order to be unjust.

Pope Saint John XXIII, Mater et Magistra, para 83
Easter Sunday, Year C, - 21 April 2019

Christ gave His life to redeem the world. The life of Christ was a life of sacrifice.
The life of a Christian must be a life of sacrifice.
We cannot imitate the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary by trying to get all we can.
We can only imitate the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary by trying to give all we can

Peter Maurin

Peter Maurin was a French social activist, theologian, and co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement. After spending time as a De La Salle Brother in France, and homesteader in Canada he moved to New York. He was greatly inspired by the life of St Francis of Assisi and engaged in direct action for and with the poor. He educated and instructed Dorothy Day in Catholic social thought, and his own programme intended to ‘build a new world in the shell of the old’. Maurin encouraged Day, a trained journalist, to publish the Catholic Worker newspaper. His own contributions styled as Easy Essays reflecting his thoughts on a wide range of issues. Maurin’s model of urban houses of hospitality to care for the destitute, rural farms to educated city dwellers on agriculture, and roundtable discussions to clarify thought and initiate action remain the basis of the Catholic Worker Movement. Peter Maurin died on 15 May 1949. 

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, Year C, - 14 April 2019

Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped; then the lame shall leap like a deer, and the tongue of the speechless sing for joy. For waters shall break forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert.

Isaiah 35:5-6


Fifth Sunday of Lent, Year C, - 07 April 2019


(Nearest Sunday before International Street Child Day) 
I don't know a more irreligious attitude, one more utterly bankrupt of any human content, than one which permits children to be destroyed.

Fr. Daniel Berrigan S.J

Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year C, - 31 March 2019


Some consider reconciliation as an impossible dream which ideally might become the lever for a true transformation of society. For others it is to be gained by arduous efforts and therefore a goal to be reached through serious reflection and action. Whatever the case, the longing for sincere and consistent reconciliation is without a shadow of doubt a fundamental driving force in our society, reflecting an irrepressible desire for peace.

Pope Saint John Paul II, Reconciliatio et Paenitentia, para 3