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The National Commission for Justice and Peace advises the Scottish Bishops' Conference of the Catholic Church in matters relating to social justice, international peace and human rights, and promotes action in these areas.



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Image: Refugee Law Book

'Refugee law in the UK' is an accessible and practical guide to the meaning of the refugee definition. It is full of hints and tips, links to sources and further information, case law quotations, useful material on how the refugee definition operates in practice in the UK, common arguments, scenarios and examples. The last part of the ebook examines the cessation, exclusion and refoulement clauses of the convention.   Read More...

Image: French police cut soles off migrant children's shoes, claims Oxfam

The Guardian features an Oxfam report which claims that French border police have been accused of detaining migrant children as young as 12 in cells without food or water, cutting the soles off their shoes and stealing sim cards from their mobile phones, before illegally sending them back to Italy.

Oxam Report : Nowhere but out   

Image: Viewpoint: What is Justice and Peace?

A Justice and Peace Activitst in Portsmouth Diocese reflects on many years of campaigning.

Independent Catholic News   

Image: Funeral Poverty: What does it cost to say good-bye?

Our blog this week is on funeral poverty.  Jacky Close, Development Officer with Faith in Community Dundee tells us how she became involved with this issue and how the Fair Funeral Campaign is helping.    Read More...

Image: Antarctic ice loss has tripled in a decade. If that continues, we are in serious trouble.

A worrying new article in the Washington Post warns that a new scientific report has concluded that the Antartica ice loss is accelerating and that the urgency to cut greenhouse gasses is now even greater.    Read More...

Image: Three Rohingya refugees killed as monsoon rains hit Cox's Bazar

At least three Rohingya refugees have died and more have been made homeless after lethal mudslides in camps in Bangladesh.  A very concerning report in the Guardian.   Read More...

Image: Fuel Poverty

This week in our blog Helen Melone of Energy Action Scotland describes what it means to live in fuel poverty and highlights the work being done to help the estimated 600,000 people in Scotland who are trapped in fuel poverty.   Read More...

Image: Ask Your MP to support Lord Dubs' amendment

Safe Passage UK are asking everyone to take immediate action to contact their MP to support Lord Dubs’ amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill which will keep open safe and legal options for vulnerable young people alone in Europe to be reunited with their families in the UK.   Read More...

Image: A Life in Limbo

This week in our blog our European representative, Grace Buckley, writes about the growing problem of refugee camps and how some people are living in limbo, having to spend many years in refugee camps waiting to be resettled.   Read More...

Image: End of Childhood Report

More than half the world's children are at risk of poverty, conflict and discrimination against girls, according to a report by Save the Children.

The charity's second End of Childhood index says more than 1.2 billion children face these threats, with 153 million facing all three.

While the global situation has improved compared with last year, the charity says progress is not fast enough.

The report comes ahead of International Children's Day on 1 June.

Read the Report   

Last updated: 19 June 2018

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This week our blog is on funeral poverty.  Jacky Close, Development Officer with Faith in Community Dundee tells us how she became involved with this issue and how the Fair Funeral Campaign is helping.












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June 2018 Campaign:  Reclaim a Welcoming Europe 


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Important Resources

Image: Oxfam Report - Uprooted Climate Change Displacement

Image: Divest your church: new resources

Does your church have investments in fossil fuel companies? Ever thought about moving your money somewhere that builds the world you want to live in? A new resource produced by Operation Noah, Divest your church, explains how your local church can divest from fossil fuels and reinvest for a brighter future, as well as supporting the campaign for the national Churches to divest.

Further details


Image: Terrorist Attack in London

Glasgow Churches Together have responded to the terrorist attack in London by producing a prayer service.

Access on GCT website

Image: New US Administration

The Sisters of St Joseph of Boston have put together a prayer calendar for the first 100 days of the new administration.

The content encourages unity and reconciliation and offers support to people who may be vulnerable to policy changes. 

Download the calendar here.

Image: Alarming number of trafficked children going missing from care

Trafficked and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children are going missing from UK care at an “alarmingly high” rate, leading charities ECPAT UK and Missing People have said in a new report. The report, entitled Heading back to harm: A study on trafficked and unaccompanied children going missing from care in the UK, has found that more than a quarter of all trafficked children and over 500 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children went missing at least once in the year to September 2015, while 207 have not been found.


Read the Report