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Trade Justice Movement Action - email your MEP candidates

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The European Parliament elections are looming (22nd May).  Join TJM members and campaigners to call on their MEP candidates to Take Back the Power and sign their pledge.  With trade deals in the pipeline with some of the world’s poorest countries, as well as with the US, and companies using investment rules to challenge government policy making, this a key time to  to demonstrate our opposition to trade deals which are giving more and more power to big business. It is also an opportunity to promote alternative trade policies which work for people and the environment.

What is the pledge asking MEP candidates to commit to?

The Trade Justice Movement is calling on MEPs to pressurise the European Commission, who negotiate trade and investment deals on the EU’s behalf, to:

• Remove unfair corporate rights which allow companies to sue governments for public money in secretive courts (investor-state dispute settlement).

• Ensure that human and labour rights take precedence over corporate rights.

• Ensure genuine participation of civil society in future trade negotiations.

• Consider and engage with alternatives to the EU’s current trade and investment regime, such as those set out in the Alternative Trade Mandate.

Email your MEP candidates here 

You can download a copy of the campaigner’s lobby guide here 

A copy of the pledge is available here

Find out mote at the Trade Justice website

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