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Take action for fairer supermarkets

Categories: Articles:Development, Articles:Social Justice | Published: 07/04/2014 | Views: 2870
Traidcraft campaign
One man in Brussels is on the verge of a decision which could stop bullying by Europe’s biggest supermarkets. In these next critical weeks will you help to keep the pressure up?  Whether you’ve already taken action on this issue or not please add your voice now. Call on the Commissioner to announce tough European action on supermarkets. Email Commissioner Barnier today.

Supermarkets dominate food shopping across Europe. They use their power to push costs and risks onto their suppliers and it’s the workers and farmers who pay the price through long hours, low wages, and appalling working conditions. Commissioner Barnier, the man with the power to make supermarkets across Europe play fair, is about to decide how Brussels will tackle supermarket bullying.

Many thousands of you have already demanded action on European supermarkets. And now even our supermarket products are calling on the Commissioner to take action to rein in the retailers. In these last crucial weeks we need to keep up the pressure on the Commissioner. Please join in calling for strong European rules to make supermarkets play fair.

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