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Climate Rally at Scottish Parliament

Categories: Articles:Environment | Published: 14/03/2015 | Views: 1597
Come along to Scottish Parliament to celebrate all that we love that is affected by climate change.  Together we will call on the First Minister for action in this important year.  It's time to Show the Love.  Come along on Wednesday 27th May from 12-2pm (or from 12.30-1.30 if your time is limited!).

The First Minister will receive thousands of messages from all across Scotland, which show that people want strong political ambition at home and internationally.  Be part of our For The Love Of photo stunt, speak to your MSP, and enjoy crafts, music and inspirational performers.       It's not too late to send your message to the First Minister.   If you have already added your voice to the thousands who have taken the action, could you share the link with friends and family?

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