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Rainforest Rescue: Stop the Nicaragua Canal

Categories: Articles:Environment, Articles:Human Rights | Published: 02/07/2015 | Views: 2534
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Nicaragua is planning a new canal for container ships and oil tankers. While the project is economically important for China – the apparent driving force behind the canal – it would mean clear-cutting rainforests, mass resettlement and the destruction of Lake Nicaragua’s ecosystem.

“Not the slightest precondition for this project has been fulfilled,” explains Monica López, attorney for environmental law, “Feasibility studies, environmental-impact reports, financing plans, earnings outlooks – nothing of the sort has been forthcoming.”

The Nicaraguan government nevertheless awarded a 50-year concession for the construction and operation of the canal to HKND, a Chinese-run company, without a bidding process or public debate.

Please speak out against this looming environmental disaster by signing our petition to the Nicaraguan government. Please sign the E petition here

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