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500 year old rainforest cleared for 3 day event

Categories: Articles:Environment | Published: 15/09/2015 | Views: 1433
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A 500 year old forest is being clear cut to make way for Olympic ski facilities that will be used for a three day competition!  Olympic organisers in South Korea are tearing down forest, with trees half a millennia old, to make room for new ski facilities. The International Olympic Committee has mandated these games as "Green Olympics", let's hold them to it and save the ancient forest. (Avaaz)

Preserve a 500 year old ancient forest, home to four threatened species, or clear the ancient forest for an Olympic ski competition.  It’s short sighted, illogical and worst of all, irreversible. Once that precious forest is gone, it’s gone forever. But we can stop them from clear cutting for an Olympic sized resort. The International Olympic Committee laid down a mandate that this event should be a “Green Olympics” built and operated by principles of sustainability. An enormous global outcry from every country participating in the Winter Olympics can shame the International Olympic Committee to living up to their ideals. Click to join and when we reach 1 million signatures, we will launch a massive stunt in front of the Olympic Committee offices to stop the destruction.  Sign the petition here

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