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Ban microbeads to reduce plastic pollution: Greenpeace Email Action

Categories: Articles:Environment | Published: 19/01/2016 | Views: 1428
Polluting plastic could be in the toothpaste you innocently brushed your teeth with this morning. It could be heading from your drain, into our oceans, as we speak. But it doesn’t have to be like this. President Obama’s just banned these tiny bits of plastic - called 'microbeads' - after thousands of Americans spoke out. If we turn up the heat on David Cameron while this issue is in the public eye, we can force him to do the same in the UK.

There’s already tonnes of plastic swirling around our beautiful oceans. When we use products with microbeads in, whether it’s face scrubs or toothpastes, our plugs cannot filter them - they end up back in the ocean, and even in the bellies of fish and other marine animals. Enough is enough.

Step by step, we’re starting to win the fight against plastic. Now Obama and the Canadian Prime Minister have banned these wholly unnecessary bits of plastic from being used in cosmetic products. David Cameron wants to be seen to be green, yet he’s lagging behind his peers on microbeads.   Please take 10 seconds to sign the petition              P.S. Beauty experts reckon microbeads aren’t even good for your skin. High costs, for what?

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