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Lobby the Government for an Environmental Court for Scotland Now!

Categories: Articles:Environment | Published: 02/06/2016 | Views: 1165
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Taking action in court is a daunting prospect that most of us probably hope we never have to do. But sometimes, it’s the right thing to do, or even the only option left in order to ensure a great wrong is put right.  This is as true of important environmental issues like fighting climate change, tackling pollution, protecting rare wildlife and habitats as it is in any walk of life. The difference is, the environment can’t go to court by itself – it depends on courageous citizens to take legal action on its behalf.

At the moment it’s really difficult and expensive to take legal action in Scotland, with costly court proceedings rarely getting to the nub of the issue, focussing on process and ignoring the facts or substance of the matter at hand.  This is despite important changes to our justice system in recent years.
But we have an important opportunity to change that! The Scottish Government is consulting right now on whether to set up an environmental court or tribunal in Scotland.         Read more and take action here
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