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Mass Climate Lobby of Holyrood - 29 September 2016

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Join people from across Scotland in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh to tell MSPs why you want them to turn Scotland’s climate ambition into climate action.

Last summer all five leaders of the political parties represented at Holyrood pledged to deliver on Scotland’s climate commitments. This autumn the Scottish Government will publish its draft plan for how it’s going to tackle climate change. Let’s hold them to their pledges and make sure that their plan is transparent, credible and ambitious.

There are many new MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, so now is an excellent time to meet with your MSP and explain why this is an issue they need to prioritise over the next five years.
We particularly need to see action in the coming years on energy efficiency of Scotland’s buildings, reducing emissions from the food we eat, creating a low carbon transport system for Scotland, including reducing carbon emissions from air travel, and sourcing Scotland’s energy from renewables, not fossil fuels.

Everyone taking part will receive a full briefing in advance to help you talk to your MSP about the action we need. Or you can simply explain why you’re concerned about climate change and why you feel it’s important they take action.

The event will take place at lunchtime on Thursday 29th September, inside the Scottish Parliament and places to take part in the lobby must be booked in advance.   More information here
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