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Tell the Scottish Government to finish with fossil fuels

Categories: Articles:Environment | Published: 23/08/2017 | Views: 804

Rich countries like ours have grown wealthy through our use of cheap, fossil fuel energy. But in doing that, we’ve pushed the planet to the brink of irreversible climate change. Lobbying by big business, and an economic system that puts profit before people and the planet, are making the problem worse.

In a world with a limited capacity to absorb carbon emissions, rich countries have already used more than our fair share. And those least responsible for climate change are disproportionately feeling its worst impacts. We owe them a huge climate debt.

The new Scottish climate bill gives Scotland the chance to begin to repay that climate debt by radically reducing our climate change emissions and breaking our dependency on fossil fuels.

We’re calling for the Scottish climate bill to include a legally binding target of zero climate change emissions by 2040, and for an interim target of 77% reduction by 2030. Doing less than this is not an option. Help us send a strong message that we expect ambition and action – and climate justice.

Please email first minister Nicola Sturgeon now.

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