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2018 is the year we go plastic free. Be part of it.

We mustn't let drinks cups, plastic cutlery, straws, plastic bottles, lids and stirrers replace sea life. They're used for a moment but last a lifetime in our oceans.  Sign the petition here today.

We must get levies introduced across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on single-use plastic items such as plastic cups and lids, straws, plates and cutlery.
We need a large scale change in the mindset of our throwaway society – and Governments are in the position to make this happen.
These items are too cheap - their price doesn't reflect the damage they do to nature and ourselves.
We are not asking for bans or limitations to freedom but simply to use a fiscal lever to discourage use of these items, like we did with tobacco, air pollution, alcohol and other harmful substances.
If you had to pay £1 for that straw in your drink – the straw you didn’t want in the first place and chucked away after a few seconds – would you still want it? Would anyone?
Please sign the petition to the Governments of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland calling for levies on single use plastic.
The stormy winter weather is almost upon us, washing in lots more ocean plastic. Please get out there through the winter months to help clean it up. Our army of Beachwatchers is growing, so grab your welllies, your winter warmers and litter pick, and please help us stop the plastic tide!
Sign up for a beach clean near you, or organise your own
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