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Push for European climate action

Categories: Articles:Environment | Published: 03/02/2014 | Views: 1985

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland have joined forces with their sister organisation in England - Stop Climate Chaos - to ask people across the UK to write to David Cameron and Nick Clegg, calling for the UK to push for more climate ambition in Europe.  On 22nd January, the EU published its 2030 climate and energy white paper.  This sets out three targets for the EU to meet by 2030: one on greenhouse gas emissions; another on renewable energy; and one on energy efficiency. 

You can read more about the EU 2030 climate and energy white paper  it in this Carbon Brief article.

There is an opportunity to positively influence this, and encourage the EU to increase its climate and energy ambitions.  Please contact David Cameron and Nick Clegg during February, and let's get as many people as possible showing their support for action on climate change and calling on the UK Government to reflect that at the EU meetings later this spring. Take Action Here

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