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Let them fly: ask the Government to offer safe passage to Syrians

Categories: Articles:Asylum & Refugees | Published: 08/03/2016 | Views: 994
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Imagine you and your family were fleeing war and terror but you had no legal way to escape your country and find safety. No other country would give you a visa for travel and that would mean you couldn’t simply get on a plane and escape. This is the reality many refugees searching for safety are faced with. They have virtually no options for safe, legal international travel.

When war breaks out, the Government deliberately closes down refugees’ legal options for international travel. Travel visas are refused and without visas, refugees aren't allowed to board planes.  Other harsh rules stop refugees joining their loved ones who have already made it to safety in other countries and there simply aren't enough resettlement places to go around.

That’s why they’re forced into smugglers’ hands. Forced to put their children onto rickety boats. If they do make it across the sea that has already claimed over 400 lives this year, they are faced down with barbed wire and tear gas.  There is a way out. Ask your MP to #LetThemFly now.

And the Government has the chance to do just that. On 30th March at a special United Nations conference on Syrian refugees, countries like Britain have the chance to let them fly.  That would mean refugees could reach a safe place legally and safely, with a valid visa in their hands.

Please write to your MP to ask the Minister for Syrian refugees, Richard Harrington, to ensure the UK offers safe passage to refugees. Filling out our simple online form will only take a couple of minutes and it could make a big difference.  Click here to send a message to your MP now.    Now is our chance. On 30th March international leaders will make decisions affecting the lives of Syrian refugees. Your support could help save lives.
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