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New report shows M&S living wage commitment to be misleading

Categories: Articles:Human Rights | Published: 06/04/2016 | Views: 1217
Labour Behind the Label's recent report on M&S and H&M looks into the stories behind two leading high-street brands who have made claims to be ensuring a fair living wage is possible for their workers. The results? Low wages, slum housing and little evidence of change.

The muddiness of the industry's supply chains highlights the need for greater transparency. It is not sufficient for companies to be able to make claims about key human rights issues without supplying the quantifiable data that allows these claims to be independently checked, and for workers and consumers to hold them to their promises. Companies must publish all data relating to their supply chains; not only supplier lists but audit reports, and other important data such as wages paid per supplier by grade if they are to make public statements about performance on wages.   Do you agree? Take Action Here.       Read the report here.
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