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What Brexit means for... the refugee crisis

Categories: Articles:Asylum & Refugees | Published: 25/06/2016 | Views: 964
Much has been made of the impact the Brexit vote is likely to have on EU migrants and their free movement in and out of Britain. But the impact on refugees, often the most vulnerable migrants of all, should not be ignored. (Lucy Gregg

In the hysteria unleashed by the EU referendum, the largest refugee crisis in history is being forgotten. Thousands of refugees continue, as they have done for months and years, to arrive on Europe's shores. Political chaos and escalating racism must not let us forget the need for continued British support for their protection.
Every day, Freedom from Torture clinicians support survivors of torture who are here in the UK, to cope not only with the horrific violence they suffered in their countries of origin but also with the hardships of arriving in this country and applying for asylum. The new report 'From Torture Cell to Therapy Room' highlights the severe physical injuries and psychological trauma that survivors carry with them on perilous journeys to reach safety.
Britain's proud tradition of compassion and tolerance is eroding before our eyes. The increasing pressure to be 'tough' on immigration in all its forms could lead to the unravelling of policy frameworks built up over many years to support refugees, with ever more restrictive asylum policies already being proposed or implemented across the UK and Europe.  Read more here
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