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Solidarity on World Refugee Day 2017

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What is World Refugee Day?
Every year on June 20, people around the world get together to mark World Refugee Day. It is a powerful way to come together with others to show that we care about refugees and that we want people seeking refugee protection to be treated fairly and with dignity.

Why is it important to take action on World Refugee Day?
In a world where violence forces hundreds of families to flee their homes every day, it is more important than ever to show that we care about the situation facing refugees. It is important to send a clear message to our governments that they must work together and do their fair share for refugees.
On this international awareness day, it is important to do several things:
1. Stand in solidarity with people who have been displaced
2. Pay tribute to the courage and resilience of millions of people forced to flee their homes

3. Call on our governments to do their fair share for refugees and to treat all people seeking refugee protection with dignity, fairness and respect

4. Spread the word that refugees are welcome to rebuild their lives in our communities.
What are we doing in Scotland on World Refugee Day?
On World Refugee Day 2017 we will take a moment to ‘stand with’ refugees in Glasgow city centre.
We will form a human chain within George Square, showing our solidarity with refugees around the world and our connection to refugees in Scotland.
We will share photographs of the event internationally to show the world that Scotland welcomes refugees and that we expect our governments to do more to help people in need of protection.
How to get involved
Please join us!
• We need people to link arms with us and form a human chain in George Square at 11am on 20 June 2017.
• If you are not able to join us on the day, please prepare large-sized paper figures (see below) that we will include in our human chain.
• Other banners and posters showing a ‘refugees welcome’ message, will be most welcome to be displayed in George Square on the day.
• Share on social media: #WRD2017 #ScotlandWelcomesRefugees #RefugeesWelcome

World Refugee Day 2017
Where: George Square, Glasgow City Centre
When: Tuesday 20 June, 11am – 12pm

Who:  Scottish Refugee Council; Amnesty International; Oxfam Scotland
How to make a paper chain
It couldn’t be easier. Here is a simple guide but feel free to create your own style.
Please make the figures as large and close to life size as possible. Cardboard figures will be easier for us to hold up and include in the human chain.
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