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Refugees Family Reunion Bill

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Refugee families are torn apart by war. Take action to help bring them together.

For people who have fled war and persecution, finding safety in the UK should mean the chance to rebuild shattered lives. But many refugees find it almost impossible to focus on the future while they remain separated from their families.

This separation can drag on for years because of the UK’s restrictive rules on refugee family reunion.

A joint report, issued today by the Refugee Council and Oxfam, shows that refugees who are living here without their families can become desperate, even suicidal, when their loved ones are still facing danger overseas.

On March 16 MPs will have a vital opportunity to call on the Government to allow more refugee families to be reunited. Please take just two minutes to tell your MP that you want this to be considered by filling in this automatic form – you just need to complete your name and address:


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