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Compensation for Unlawful Immigration Detention reaches 21 Million Pounds

Categories: Articles:Asylum & Refugees | Published: 21/03/2018 | Views: 657

Rt Hon David Lammy MP has asked the following parliamentary question: How many claims of compensation for wrongful detention were (a) received by the Home Office and (b) successful in each of the last five years; and what the cost to the public purse was of the compensation paid in that same period.

The Answer:

The Home Office does not record ‘wrongful detention’ as a payment type. It is only unlawful detention compensation which is recorded on the Home Office finance system.

The cost of unlawful detention from 2012/13 onwards are included in the table below:

2016/17           3.3 millions
2015/16           4.1 millions
2014/15           4.0 millions
2013/14           4.8 millions
2012/13           5.0 millions

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