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Catholic Church Leaders Speak Out On Planned Evictions of asylum seekers in Glasgow

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Archbishop Tartaglia, Bishop Nolan and the Glasgow Justice and Peace Commission speak out against the planned imminent eviction 300 asylum seekers in Glasgow.

Glasgow Justice and Peace Commission – Dorothy McLean – Chair


“Pope Francis constantly reminds us of our duty as Christians to welcome the stranger.  Glasgow Justice and Peace Commission regrets that as a result of the recent decision by Serco 300 people in Glasgow will be made homeless.”



Archbishop Tartaglia:


“I hate to think of a hostile environment being deliberately created to make life harder for people coming to this country. I ask the authorities to re-think their decision to evict these poor people.”


Bishop Nolan – President of Justice and Peace Scotland:


"Pope Francis urges us to see in the refugee and asylum seeker a fellow human being in need and to respond with compassion. The decision to evict 300 asylum seekers and render them homeless is no way to treat someone in need. For years Justice and Peace Scotland has campaigned against Dungavel detention centre, where asylum seekers can be held indefinitely. These evictions are yet another example of official policies and procedures that lack humanity."


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