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Call for help from housing associations as Glasgow Night Shelter seeks temporary accommodation

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A night shelter in Glasgow which provides safety and warmth overnight for approximately 25 destitute men seeking asylum and non-EU migrants who have no recourse to public funds has issued a call for help as it will no longer have a premises to operate from after the end of August.  Scottish Housing News reports.  

The Glasgow Night Shelter has been situated in various premises since 2011, and for the last few years has been operating in a church situated in the west end of the city.

Staffed mainly by volunteers, the Glasgow Night Shelter provides much needed support for its users, including providing meals, signposting to specialist organisations, and it works closely with many other organisations in the city to ensure people are able to access support, advice and guidance.

The shelter will open its doors for the last time in a few weeks, and unless some form of accommodation can be found on a temporary basis, then these men will have nowhere safe to stay. The shelter is no longer able to operate in the church, and is currently seeking new premises as a matter of urgency.

The Glasgow Night Shelter is calling for help from all local housing associations, and is looking for a space large enough for 25 people to have somewhere safe and warm to sleep. This may include a community centre or similar, which could be used until such times that a more permanent solution is found.

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership is currently working hard to secure more permanent accommodation for the shelter moving forward, and to ensure that people will continue to receive the support that they need.

In addition, the Homeless and Rough Sleeping Action Group’s recommendations, which were accepted by the Scottish Government, highlight that there has to be a greater safety net for people in the asylum system, and for people with no recourse to public funds, and the shelter is hopeful that more support will be available in the future.

However, at this moment in time, the shelter – which has been a lifeline for many people over the years – and charities are concerned for the safety of the people they support when the shelter closes at the end of August.

Currently opening until 8pm – 8am, the shelter provides hot evening meals, breakfast, a packed lunch and has access to basic washing facilities.

If you can help, or perhaps know someone who can, please contact the night shelter directly by emailing Annika at

For further information on the shelter, visit the night shelter website

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