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Support the Scrap Trident Demonstration - Sat 4 April Glasgow

Categories: Articles:Nuclear Weapons | Published: 16/03/2015 | Views: 2335
Justice and peace will be at the Scrap Trident Demonstration this Saturday, why not come and join us - look out for our banner. Speakers: include: Nicola Sturgeon (Leader of SNP); Patrick Harvie MSP (Co-convenor Scottish Greens); Katy Clark MP (Labour Party)

Scrap Trident Demo takes place on Sat, April 4th. Assemble: 10 30 am (George Square, Glasgow), march off: 11 am.speakers: • Nicola Sturgeon (Leader of SNP) • Patrick Harvie MSP (Co-convenor Scottish Greens) • Katy Clark MP (Labour Party) • Cat Boyd (RIC) • Sasha Callaghan (disability rights campaigner) • Nuala Watt (Human Beings on Benefits) • Ann Henderson (STUC) • Karine Polwart (singer) • Penny Stone (singer) For more details about the event and the 13th of April blockade please visit the coalition's website or join the facebook event here
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