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Explosive revelations on Trident safety by Navy whistleblower

Categories: Articles:Nuclear Weapons | Published: 18/05/2015 | Views: 3074
William McNeilly, a 25 year old Royal Navy engineering technician, has published an account of a patrol on board Trident submarine HMS Vanguard on the internet describing in detail a series of alarming incidents and describing the submarine as being “in the worst of the worst condition”.  His exposures not only put safety standards in the Trident programme under the spotlight, but also bring into question HMS's Vanguard's ability to successfully fire its battery of missiles were the command to launch a nuclear attack ever given. (Nuclear Information Services)

Read all about William McNeilly's revelations and see the analysis of his claims in Nuclear Information Services special news reports:

Submariner: 'Trident is so broken it can't even do the tests that prove it works' Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly has exposed a shocking catalogue of equipment failures, security breaches, and near-miss accidents on board HMS Vanguard, one of the Navy's nuclear-armed Trident submarines.  Read more. Submarine faults bring into question UK's ability to successfully launch a Trident nuclear strike. The McNeilly revelations indicate that the UK may not be able to guarantee launch of the any-time nuclear strike that the Trident system is designed to deliver.  Read more. 'Massive cover-up' over UK – France submarine collision. William McNeilly's account has provided new information about an underwater collision involving two nuclear armed submarines.  Read more.

Secret MoD manual acknowledges risks posed by Trident missile fuel. Information revealed by William McNeilly has confirmed that the dangers from an accident involving a Trident nuclear weapon are more serious than the Ministry of Defence has said publicly.  Read more.

HMS Death Trap: Life on board on of the Royal Navy's Trident submarines. Read NIS blog article here.

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