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£500m for Faslane while people die on benefits

Categories: Articles:Nuclear Weapons | Published: 08/09/2015 | Views: 3031

Scottish CND has hit out at the UK government’s announcement that £500 million will be spent on the nuclear sub base at Faslane. Chancellor George Osborne, in a visit to the Gare Loch facility, said the cash will be spent on upgrading ship lifts, sea walls and jetties and will help secure thousands of jobs.  However, anti-nuclear activists say its real purpose is to entrench further the Trident nuclear weapons programme, which is based at Faslane. (Third Force News)

>The chancellor has also been accused of pre-empting a Westminster vote on the renewal of the system.  Scottish CND coordinator John Ainslie said the cash would have been better spent helping the sick and vulnerable. He hit out: “We should beware of George Osborne bearing gifts. If you look underneath the wrapping, you will see that his real present for Scotland is more nuclear submarines. “He is cutting benefits for the most vulnerable in our society and making the poor pay for more weapons of mass destruction.”  Read more here     Visit Scottish CND website here

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