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ASK your MP to stop the nuclear convoys

Categories: Articles:Nuclear Weapons | Published: 08/03/2016 | Views: 2431
The Government recently blocked a Bill which would have introduced regulations on the transportation of nuclear warheads around the country. The Bill was introduced following a number of incidents where warheads have been transported in residential areas and in poor weather conditions.

The issue of transporting nuclear warheads has been raised a number of times in Parliament, following reports of warheads traveling in icy conditions and on a bridge during a period of high winds.   CND is working with other groups to raise awareness of this issue and is supporting the Bill. Please contact your MP today and ask them to sign EDM 987 which supports the Bill and ask them to support the Bill when it returns to the House of Commons on Friday. You can contact your MP through the template form on the CND website here.             READ the EDM here

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