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Cuts to Ministry of Defence police raise Trident security concerns

Categories: Articles:Nuclear Weapons | Published: 08/08/2016 | Views: 1867
Eamon Keating, the chairman of the Defence Police Federation, has warned that cuts to the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) could place the security of the UK's Trident nuclear weapons at risk. (Nuclear Information Service)

The MDP is currently comprised of 2,600 officers, who cover about 120 sites across the country and provide security at key bases involved in the Trident programme, including the Atomic Weapons Establishment and HM Naval Base Clyde. Staff numbers were cut by almost a third in 2010 and during a speech in June, Mr Keating said that proposals for a further 15% cut in numbers or to replace the MDP with the army could damage UK national security.
The proposed cuts would mean that that MDP numbers would have been reduced by over 40% since 2010  In February the committee which oversees the MDP’s work described current staffing levels as “not sustainable without risks to employees or security”.   Read More here

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