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Disarming Trident

Categories: Resources:Nuclear Weapons | Published: 20/06/2012 | Views: 4134
Scottish CND has published a new report, Disarming Trident, which shows how nuclear weapons can be de-activated within 7 days, removed from Scotland in 2 years and completely dismantled in 4 years.  The report has been given a warm welcome by the Scottish government. The timetable was described as "highly credible" by Dr Bruce Blair, the leading world expert in this field. There was extensive coverage of their plans in the Sunday Herald, including a front page "Goodbye to Trident".

The full report is on the Scottish CND website at:

CND would be grateful if you could contact your MPs and MSPs and ask them if they support this programme for disarmament. Emails can be sent using

While the report looks at the possible outcome of independence, it is not limited to this. A UK government could, if it wished, implement the same blueprint for disarmament.

You could also take this opportunity to ask elected representatives for their response to the announcement, by Defence Minister Philip Hammond, that he is spending £1 billion on reactors for Trident Replacement submarines.

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