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Submarine recall urged as Trident costs escalate further

Categories: Articles:Nuclear Weapons | Published: 10/03/2014 | Views: 2881
CND has slammed the government for 'ratcheting up expenditure' on nuclear weapons, while calling for nuclear armed subs to be recalled from service in the wake of revelations over new safety issues.

There were renewed calls for Trident to be scrapped and the replacement programme ended, as the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond told the House of Commons that hundreds of millions would need to be spent on the submarine and facilities, following a radiation leak at a test nuclear reactor for the Vanguard submarines.

Hammond announced that £120 million would be spent replacing the reactor core of HMS Vanguard, the oldest of the four Trident submarines, while a further £150 million would have to be spent at Raynesway and Devonport construction and refitting facilities.

Questions were left unanswered about the need to replace reactors on the other Vanguard submarines, or potential impact on future submarine construction  Read more 

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