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Sarajevo Peace Event 2014

Categories: Articles:Peacemaking | Published: 05/06/2014 | Views: 1203
In June 1914, 100 years ago, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand became the spark that set off the bloody carnage of World War One. In June 2014 women and men are gathering in Sarajevo for an International Peace Event. All the people gathering in the ancient city this week-end are working for a world where national and international disputes are resolved through mediation and negotiation rather than by violence

The last time there was an international mission to Bosnia it was a military intervention funded by Governments and the military might of NATO in an attempt to resolve the politically inspired violence that swept through the Balkan states in 1990's. The international gathering today brings volunteers and voluntary organisations from all over the world who work, persistently and unpaid, to find ways to resolve human disputes in non-violent ways. On Saturday afternoon, three women – a Bosnian, a German and a Scot from Edinburgh - will lead a workshop on behalf of Women's International league for Peace and Freedom. Starting with the 100 year history of peace campaigning by the organisation, the women will go on to examine the impact of current peace work. Over the next four days – 6 - 9 June 2014, thousands of people will meet in Sarajevo to speak out together against war and violence 100 years after the beginning of WW1. Peacemakers all over Europe are holding their breath for better outcomes in 2014.
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