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Take One Action film

Categories: Articles:Peacemaking | Published: 08/12/2014 | Views: 1293
Open Bethlehem + director Q&As
Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness. Armed with her camera and a dilapidated family car that keeps breaking down, Bethlehem-born Leila Sansour returns to her childhood home to make a deeply personal film about a legendary town in crisis. 11- 14th Dec

But just few months into the project, her life and the film take an unexpected turn when Leila's cousin Carol, her last relative in town, persuades her to stay and start a campaign to save the city from irredeemable separation.  With guests including Irvine Welsh, Paul Laverty, Kathy Galloway, John Glenday and more...  View trailer, times and book tickets here 
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