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Campaign Against the Arms Trade

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Ten ways we had an impact on the arms trade in 2014
Take CAAT's whistle stop tour of some of the amazing things that you have helped achieve this year. In 2014, the UK's shameful role in arming countries involved in conflict and human rights abuses has been all too apparent. In July, Israel launched its ground offensive in Gaza and the Malaysian airlines passenger jet was shot down in Ukraine. In the same week, Israeli, Russian and Ukrainian weapons companies touted for sales alongside each other at Farnborough International arms fair.

The UK has armed both Russia and Ukraine. It refused to suspend any weapons licences to Israel as the death toll in Gaza mounted this summer. When democracy protesters took to the streets in Hong Kong, it was UK-made tear gas that pushed them back.

Meanwhile Cameron boasted of success when the NATO conference he hosted pledged to "reverse the trend" of declining military spending, and his Defence Minister, Michael Fallon, warned against prioritising social welfare spending.

But most people do not accept the government's priorities. CAAT are taking action and having an impact, pushing the arms trade out of acceptable society.

Take the whistle stop tour of some of the amazing things that you have helped achieve this year however you've supported Campaign Against Arms Trade

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Anne-Marie O'Reilly Campaign Against Arms Trade
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