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Afghan Minister Halts Deportations to Afghanistan

Categories: Articles:Peacemaking | Published: 27/02/2015 | Views: 1617
Newly elected minister for refugees and repatriation Mr. Hussain Alami Balkhi has now written to all countries to stop all repatriation and forced expulsions to Afghanistan. In an audio interview the Minister urges all the deporting countries to halt deportations to Afghanistan. The ministers says; situation in Afghanistan was getting better after 2011 that is why MOUs were signed with some European countries including Norway to return those Afghans back to Afghanistan who are coming from safe provinces and they are able to return back to their own provinces. In the MOU it was clearly stated that those refugees who are coming from dangerous provinces won't be returned. It was also agreed in the MOU that women and children won't be returned back to Afghanistan.

The situation in Afghanistan has changed now. Most of those who are being returned are coming from the provinces that are very dangerous and those who are being returned can't go back to their provinces. That is why we oppose deportations from Norway and all other European countries to Afghanistan.   As a result we returned a woman and two of her children back to Norway last week. But, unfortunately later we heard that they were mistreated on the way back to Norway.  Read more here

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