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Civilians pay ultimate price yet again as Syria military & armed groups clash in Aleppo

Categories: Articles:Peacemaking | Published: 27/04/2016 | Views: 1186
Apparently unlawful attacks by government and armed groups around Aleppo in Syria have killed at least 89 civilians since April 22, 2016. Despite the rising casualties, Western leaders meeting in Hannover, Germany, on April 25 missed an opportunity to focus on the need to protect civilians in Syria. (Human Rights Watch)

Fighting has intensified in Syria in the last week as negotiations between the warring parties in Geneva stumbled. Human Rights Watch received information about the new deaths in attacks that did not appear to be targeting any military objective.

“With the civilian death toll rising and hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the country, key powers need to be focused on protecting civilians in all parts of Syria,” said Nadim Houry, deputy Middle East director. “There are decisive measures that key powers, particularly those on the Security Council, can take to deter abusive parties and improve protection for civilians.”

Syrian Civil Defense, a group of search and rescue volunteers operating inside opposition-held Aleppo and other parts of the country, reported that government airstrikes have killed at least 89 civilians and injured 135 in Aleppo since April 22. One of the deadliest attacks occurred on April 24, when government airstrikes hit a market place in the Sakhour neighborhood of Aleppo at noon killing a reported 17 civilians, according to media activists who documented the aftermath of the attack.    Read more here
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