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Peace campaigners welcome Obama visit to Hiroshima, but apology still needed

Categories: Articles:Peacemaking | Published: 27/05/2016 | Views: 1211
Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said "President Obama's visit to Hiroshima is very welcome. It's a truly historic moment for a US president, for the first time, to visit the place where the United States caused so much devastation and suffering by its use of nuclear weapons.

"It's a devastation that should never have happened. It was not necessary to end the Second World War - the Japanese government was already trying to surrender. The historical record needs to be set straight and an apology is an important part of that process.

“In this context we call on President Obama to call time on the nuclear age, to turn his stated commitment to nuclear disarmament into reality and show global leadership in a nuclear disarmamnet process.”  Read more

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