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Hiroshima Survivor Tells her Story

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On August 6 1945, when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, I was an 11 year-old girl, 5th grader of a primary school.

That morning I was in the schoolyard under the lazing summer sun. "Look, a B29!" a boy shouted, and I looked up in the sky and saw the silver shining B29 bomber flying high in the blue sky drawing a white arc with its vapour trail. "That's pretty" I thought. The next moment there was a white flash and I was blinded.

As I began to rush for an air-raid shelter, the hot sand blew strongly against my back and pushed my body down on the ground. When I reached the shelter with my schoolmates, it was already crowded with people from neighbouring areas, and there was no room left for us. While waiting outside, we got drenched from the sudden rain, which we later learnt to be radioactive "Black Rain." We were wet and shivering with cold. The sun looked to be gone with heavy great clouds hanging over the sky.

Out town was 2.5 kilometres from ground zero and escaped from raging fires caused by the bomb. Many injured and burnt people fled to this area from the city centre. They were so heavily burnt and disfigured that they did not look like human beings. Every street in our town was so crowded with the injured that there was no room for us to walk.  Read the full story here

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