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This is what anti-nuclear campaigners had to say about the Faslane protest

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Justice and Peace Scotland took part in the Nae Nukes Anywhere Rally at Faslane on Saturday 22nd September.  The National newspaper was present at the rally and spoke to some of the protesters including Danny our Social Justice Co-ordinator. Read their comments here.

MORE 600 people from around the world and of all ages gathered at Tri - dent’s military base at the gates of HMNB Clyde to urge governments around the world to ban nuclear weapons on Saturday. Here's what the crowd had to say.

Flavia Tudoreanu, coordinator of Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: “We’re gathered today to put out a message that Scotland and its elected representatives do not agree with nuclear weapons being in our country. We want to raise awareness that last year the prohibition of nuclear weapons was negotiated and adopted by the United Nations and more than 60 countries have now signed up to it. Many have ratified it.
I have six months to go in my pregnancy) and I also have a three-year-old. I do hope they will grow up in a country that will not have nuclear weapons.”
David Shearer (82): “I first joined CND way back in 1961. Nothing appears to have been changing since then because Westminster has an interest in keeping them. They certainly won’t have it in the Thames down South. What would lead to the scrapping of Trident? Independence. Then we can decide for ourselves.”

Danny Sweeney, co-ordinator for the Catholic group Justice and Peace Scotland: “Scotland’s in the unique position of having nuclear weapons which we don’t want on our soil. The Catholic Church opposes the ability and the threat of nuclear destruction over the entire planet. Nuclear weapons may have kept the peace for the last 60 years. I don’t have the confidence they will do it for the next 60 years. We look at the kind of people and governments who are in possession of them it’s clearly a culture of intimidation, not a culture of non-violence or peace.”

Crawford Logan: “I’ve been a member of CND since the 1980s, I was on some of the big marches in London. I just think that its important people turn out, if you think weapons of mass destruction are unnecessary and useless then I think you have to be here. Did nuclear weapons prevent Argentina from invading the Falklands? No.”
Iona Grant: “Nobody likes nukes, and nobody wants to get exploded! We spend a lot of time at the pace cmp and want to show that not everyone supports weapons of mass destruction.
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