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Call to cancel Somalia debt as millions face starvation

Categories: Articles:Third World Debt, Articles:Social Justice | Published: 11/05/2017 | Views: 1070

World leaders gathering in London have been urged to cancel drought-hit Somalia's debt as millions of people in the African country face starvation.
Famine has already gripped South Sudan, with hunger killing many there and in Somalia, while a national emergency has been declared in Kenya and there are fears of a new wave of drought in Ethiopia.

Aid agencies say the threat of starvation is unprecedented, with millions at risk and a very real concern that tens - perhaps hundreds - of thousands could die.
Save the Children CEO Kevin Watkins said: "Somalia continues to drift towards an avoidable famine.

"Without early and decisive action to support and tackle the desperate nutrition, health and water needs of vulnerable communities, more children will become severely malnourished - and lives will be lost."

He added: "Restoring Somalia's relations with the World Bank, cancelling the country's debt, and providing immediate financial support from the World Bank's international development association facility is critical."  Read the full article here

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